【JAPAN】 PKMF (Pacific Kids Mural Foundation) supported to make a mural at an office inside the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Katsuyoshi Shiota, owner of a vegetable intermediate wholesaler wanted to renovate his office and make it bright and colorful.He simply wanted the children to have fun while making a mural and be more interested in traditional Japanese vegetables.   ...Read More

Stump Geoglyphs Art Project

  【JAPAN】 PKMF (Pacific Kids Mural Foundation) supported the design of Stump Geoglyphs Art project. This Art project was recently held at KANKYO-AN in Sanjyo Nigata, Japan, to celebrate the opening of a biomass power plant (SPARX Green Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd.) in Sanjyo-city. The children who participated in this project used biomass wood chip to make their own characters which...Read More

Website is now open!

  【NEWS】 We are excited to announce the launching of our new Pacific Kids Mural Foundation website. In November 2013 we started the Chara-Rimpa Art Project. In 2016 the Pacific Kids Mural Foundation (PKMF) was established as a non-profit organization based in California and Japan. PKMF supports the work of the Chara-Rimpa Project creating murals and collaborating with kids around th...Read More

Rainbow Jyoyara Boat Fishing Song:
Workshop & Impromptu Concert

  【JAPAN】 Ms. Saiko Hamano, the teacher of the Tsukumi Kashinomi Boys & Girls Choir, arranged and choreographed a traditional Jyoyara fishing song for the students of Yahata Elementary School. On this day, the Kashinomi Choir and students of Yahata Elementary School held a workshop to practice the new arrangement of the "Rainbow Jyoyara Fishing Song". The traditional Jyoyara ...Read More

Our Friend Kuromatsu

  【WORLD】 IN-PROGRESS PROJECT Our friend Kuromatsu in Rikuzentakata lost 70,000 of his pine tree friends. We are collecting 70, 000 pine tree drawings for Our Friend Kuromatsu! No sound SEE more about Our Friend KuromatsuRead More

Memories of My Childhood

  【WORLD】 Everyone has some special memories of childhood. Listen to the stories here, and please tell us your story. Hemant Krishan Singh / Former Ambassador of India to Japan More talks about Memories of My Childhood ( More