Lotus pond after the rain

  【JAPAN】 About the Project “Lotus pond after the rain” was made as the second mural at Lumbini Kindergarten. Sixty parents and other volunteers help one hundred & fifty children make this beautiful mural in one day. To commemorate the completion of this wonderful mural, we invited KONISHIKI, a Hawaiian-born Japanese-Samoan former sumo wrestler who was the first non-Japanese-...Read More

Alpine Picnic

  【FRANCE】 About the Project The mural project was held at L’école de la houille blanche in Grenoble, France. Grenoble is an international city with numerous technological industries that has earned it the moniker “Silicon Valley of France”. It is also in an incredible location, surrounded by the Alps. Whichever direction you turn, you are greeted by the Chartreuse, the Ve...Read More

Rainbow Jyoyara Boat

  【JAPAN】 About the Project The “Rainbow Jyoyara Boat” festival was held in the Yahata area of Saiki in Oita, Japan. The boat was decorated with rainbow-colored flags and launched into the Bungo-suido channel in Saiki. This project helped children gain a deeper understanding about this traditional custom of their local community and fostered a feeling of hope and good spirit. ...Read More

Fresco Project “Fly High into the Future” in YONOZU

  【JAPAN】 About the Project In March 2016, Iromiya Elementary School in the Yonozu area of Saiki, Japan closed after 142 years of teaching the children of the local community. Because the local population had significantly decreased, the school was to be merged with Koyo Elementary School, and then that school would be reopened as Yonozu Elementary School in April 2016. Manpei Tom...Read More

A to Z of the SUN

  【JAPAN】 About the Project The site for this mural project was Takanosu Chuoh Elementary School in Kita-Akita City in Akita, Japan. The Kids Energy Summit Executive Committee (SPARX Green Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd., PG COLLABO Inc.) organized this project in collaboration with the Chara-Rimpa Project. This mural was created as a memorial for the 140th anniversary of the s...Read More

Secret Solar Base

  【JAPAN】 About the Project This mural project was held at Kushiro Art Museum in Kushiro Hokkaido, Japan to celebrate the opening of a solar power plant (SPARX Green Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd.) in Kushiro-city. The Kids Energy Summit Executive Committee (SPARX Green Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd. and PG COLLABO Inc.) organized this project in collaboration with the Chara-Rimpa Proj...Read More

Tree of Life ~ Children of Colegio Madrid, Now and Forever!

  【MEXICO】 About the Project Our second overseas cultural exchange art project was a mural at the amazing Colegio Madrid in Mexico City to celebrate their special 75th anniversary. The mural was named “Tree of Life”, patterned after symbolic tree clay sculptures in Mexico. More than 100 students and adults participated in making this mural. Click to enlarge ...Read More

Animals in Burney

  【CALIFORNIA】 About the Project The mural was created as a cultural exchange project between The Chara-Rimpa Project and the community of Burney, California. Burney is a small town surrounded by beautiful nature, and is known as the location of the film, “Stand by Me”. The town is a famous for forestry, so for the mural we depicted characterized animals in the Burney forest. Two...Read More

Makes You Smile !

Click to enlarge About the Project The mural is made as a project of the new opennig of CARETOWN NAGATO, Nursing Home in Oita Japan. The mural is depicted with a lot of characterized flowers made by children. The celling wall is 2m wide and 45m long from entrance hall to the end of hallway on grand floor. We hope people to look up the celling and lots of flowers makes them ...Read More

61 Characters under an Asoka Tree

  【JAPAN】 About the Project The mural was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lumbini Kindergarten in Saiki, Japan. About 120 people, including 61 kindergarteners, parents, and other volunteers worked together to create this mural of imaginary characters under a huge Asoka tree. The name of Lumbini kindergarten is derived from Lumbini, the name of the town in Nepal, wh...Read More