Pacific Kids Mural Foundation offers children an enjoyable art-filled experience through mural making and cultural exchange workshops. Children are given an opportunity to explore their creativity, develop empathy and cultivate joy in their hearts. These art experiences also help children to appreciate the beauty and the power of artistic expression.

Our projects are made possible by the philanthropy of people like you. We are so grateful for your generosity and support of our activities. Your gift is vital to our arts education and allows Chara-Rimpa Project to work for a harmonious, peaceful, and connected world!


You can make a donation by completing the online form below. All donations are allocated to our Annual Fund unless otherwise specified. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States and all donations are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

Mural Friends: $100
・Donors will receive e-mail newsletters.

Mural Suporters: $500
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・Donors will receive mural booklets.

Mural Sustainers: $1000
・Donors will receive e-mail newsletters.
・Donors will receive mural booklets.
・Donors’ names will be published on our website and in the next Pacific Kids Mural Foundation booklet.
(Please let us know if you do not wish to have your name published on the website or in the booklet)

All monthly donors:

• Will receive Mural booklets.
• Names will be published in the next Pacific Kids Mural Foundation booklet.
• Names will be published on the Pacific Kids Mural Foundation website.


Get Involved!

Would you like to have PKMF (the Chara-Rimpa team) come to your company, school, or community to make wonderful murals and workshops with you? We will go anywhere in the world to share adventures in art, together with your children! We’ll consider your offer and contact you to talk about your plans, schedule, and funding and determine if the project is feasible. Come and join us!

Join Us for Adventures in Art with Children!

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